For the first time, a coherent, continental and comprehensive set of technical requirements with respect to WEEE operations is laid down. They are referred to as ‘WEEELABEX standards’ or normative documents.

Main characteristics:

  1. The standards are normative (as opposed to descriptive) requirements and concern all steps in the chain, including collection and preparation for re-use.
  2. The standards cover all 10 WEEE categories.
  3. The requirements related to collection, logistics and treatment activities are supposed to be implemented by all the WEEELABEX systems and those who have contracted to do so. They are designed to encourage the WEEELABEX systems’ partners to play their important role in the WEEE stream.
  4. The requirements laid down in the standard are embedded in legislative requirements of Directive 2002/96/EC and its transposing legislation. In August 2009, the WEEE Forum signed a contract of co-operation with CENELEC, one of the three official EU standards bodies. In time, the requirements of the WEEELABEX normative documents will likely be translated into formal CENELEC EN standards.

English Version: Standard V9.0 on Collection, Standard V9.0 on Logistics,​ Standard V10.0 on Treatment.


Other language versions:

Other documents: WEEELABEX Watchlist, Documentation to measure de-pollution performances.