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Following the introduction of the WEEELABEX standards in April 2011, twenty-five WEEE compliance schemes joined together in Prague on 17 April 2013 to set up the WEEELABEX organisation. The organisation is an international non-profit legal entity, set up qualification auditors in the WEEELABEX standards, as well as to promote the adoption of these standards by operators and member states as a means to improve WEEE management practices in Europe.
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Three constituent bodies make up the WEEELABEX organisation: the WEEELABEX General Assembly, composed by all member WEEELABEX systems, the WEEELABEX Government Council (WGC), which is the executive body, and the WEEELABEX Office, that functions as Secretariat and WEEELABEX notary. The Office is run by a General Manager and an Assistant Manager.

The GA elected the members of the WEEELABEX Governing Council, which are: Richard Toffolet (Eco-systèmes, France); Wayne Copley (Repic, United Kingdom); Martin Fišer (Asekol, The Czech Republic); Peer Lund-Thomsen (el retur, Denmark) and Marco Sala (Ecodom, Italy); Eva Gobitz (NVMP, The Netherlands); Dragos Calugaru (ECOTIC, Rumania). Richard Toffolet was elected chairman of the WGC. For certain matters, the WGC will be extended to include representatives of CECEDDIGITALEUROPELightingEurope and EERA.

A transition period expiring on 31 December 2015 is put in place to allow the WEEELABEX organisation to reach full maturity. In 2014, the WGC will assess the definitive institutional set-up and governance of the organisation.

WEEELABEX at a glance

WEEELABEX (‘WEEE label of excellence’) is the acronym of a project (2009-12) co-financed by LIFE, the environmental programme of the European Community (LIFE07 ENV/B/000041), with a budget of €1.064.600.

It was a multi-stakeholder project run by the WEEE Forum in co-operation with stakeholders from the producers’ community and processing industry. It started in 2009; the launch of the WEEELABEX organisation, created on 17 April 2013 in Prague, is the culmination of the project.

The objectives of the Project were two-fold. One was to design a set of standards with respect to the collection, sorting, storage, transportation, preparation for re-use, Treatement, processing and disposal of all kinds of WEEE. The other objective was to put in place a process of monitoring of companies through audits conducted by auditors trained by its Office. Successful audits will result in operators, processes being listed on a publicly accessible WEEELABEX website. This procedure, whereby processes are audited and listed, is referred to as ‘Conformity Verification’ (CV). Therefore, apart from the standards and the start-up of the new organisation, the project has also resulted in proprietary audit process documents and reporting templates.