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WEEELabex Organisation


WEEELABEX systems are WEEE systems that are members of the WEEELABEX organisation. Eligibility is reserved, inter alia, to (individual or collective) WEEE systems that are contracted by producers to undertake producer obligations related to WEEE legislation.

WEEELABEX organisation

The WEEELABEX organisation is essentially a pan- European organisation set up to act as a scheme for operational issues related to WEEE management. Three bodies, whose rules and functioning will be specified in the by-laws, constitute the WEEELABEX organisation:

  • WEEELABEX General Assembly
  • WEEELABEX Governing Council
  • WEEELABEX Office

WEEELABEX General Assembly

The WEEELABEX General Assembly (WGA) is composed of representatives of the WEEELABEX systems. The GA has decisionmaking powers on all aspects of the WEEELABEX organisation, save for those which the articles of association reserve to the WGC. The GA elects the members of the WEEELABEX Governing Council, approves the membership fees, adopts the budget and annual accounts and provides discharge to the members of the WEEELABEX Governing Council.

WEEELABEX Governing Council

The WEEELABEX Governing Council (WGC) is composed of representatives of WEEELABEX systems. It has executive function with decision-making powers on all aspects of the WEEELABEX organisation in accordance with the articles of association. The WGC is extended to stakeholders whenever a matter arises which concerns them4. On certain matters, e.g. concerning
qualification of auditors, definition of limit values and the development of standards, the opinion of the stakeholders (representative bodies of producers and operators) in the extended WGC will be of a binding nature, subject to applicable law.


The WEEELABEX Office is the secretariat of the WEEELABEX organisation. It provides clarification concerning the interpretation of applicable
WEEELABEX requirements, implements decisions to suspend or exclude members, organises qualification process of auditors (examination process, listing and delisting
of WEEELABEX auditors) and records the outcome of the WEEELABEX CV of a process performed by the WEEELABEX auditors (listing or de-listing of WEEELABEX processes).


WEEELabex Organisation
General Assembly
Governing Council
  • Made up of representatives of WEEELabex take back systems
  • Decision making power
  • Made up representatives of WEEELabex take back system chosen by WEEELabex General Assembly
  • Executive role
  • Supported by WAC (Advistory Committee) driven by representatives of Auditors and Operators (EERa, EuRIC)
  • Opeartions of WEEELabex organistation
  • Organisation of auditor's training: listing/de-listing of auditors
  • Audit result recording: listing/de-listing of WEEELabex operators
  • Follow up of Quality review