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To develop and provide quality, service and tools to promote the utilization of excellent WEEE facilities on the market place.



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CENELEC Standards

The WEEELABEX Organisation succeeded to fully implement the following CENELEC standards into the accredited certification scheme

EN 50625-1

General treatment requirements and related CLC/TS 50625-3-1 De-pollution Specification

EN 50625-2-1

Lamps Requirements and related CLC/TS 50625-3-2 Lamps Specification

EN 50625-2-2

Displays Requirements and related CLC/TS 50625-3-3 Displays Specification

EN 50625-2-3

Temperature exchange equipment Requirements and related CLC/TS 50625-3-4 Temperature exchange equipment Specification

EN 50625-2-4

Photovoltaic panels Requirements and related CLC/TS 50625-3-5 Photovoltaic panels Specification

CLC/TS 50625-4

Collection and Logistics Specification

EN 50614

Preparing for re-use Requirements


All publicly available CENELEC standards EN 50625 are fully implemented into our Accredited certification schemes, including Photovoltaic panels.
The WEEELABEX organisation succeeded to fully implement the following general CENELEC WEEE standards into the accredited certification scheme.

As the publication of CENELEC standards is gradual so the adaptation of the WEEELABEX certification scheme to CENELEC is gradual as well.

Certification of personnel in the field of processing of WEEE
Certification of WEEE Treatement Operators





Certified streams