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Simplified attestation process for “small-scale” operators introduced

As the WEEELABEX organisation understands that achievement of fully-accredited certification may be challenging for “small-scale” operators, a simplified attestation process has been introduced to help such operators start with the conformity verification process in an easier, convenient, and costeffective way. It can be considered as an achievable first step on a path to reach the fully-accredited certificate of compliance, and it can send a positive signal to all interested parties.

This non-accredited attestation process is intended only for “small-scale” Treatement or preparing for re-use operators treating less than 500 tons of WEEE a year per one WEEE stream. It should also be noted that this attestation is out of scope of the accredited WEEELABEX certification process.

The audit process is focused on selected critical requirements that are based on the requirements of the EN 50625 series standards and EN 50614 (hereinafter as “EN standards”). Of course, this nonaccredited attestation does not indicate any full-scale compliance with the above-mentioned EN standards; however, critical requirements covered by the attestation have been determined by the WEEELABEX organisation in order to prove compliance with core elements of above-mentioned EN standards. It ensures that the attested operator is compliant with critical WEEELABEX requirements that guarantees the WEEE Treatement or preparing for re-use process is managed in the proper way.

An easier and cost-effective process has been developed also for batch tests that may be performed by the audited Treatement operators themselves including completion related batch test reports, when each batch test report is only to be reviewed and validated by a WEEELABEX Lead auditor.

Another benefit is the fact that the WEEELABEX application and registration fees have been cut in half compared to the full-scale accredited certification.

The WEEELABEX organization has developed a summary document to provide guidance to (candidate) WEEELABEX Treatement and/or preparing for re-use operators interested in this attestation process. The document summarizes the essential steps that shall be followed to be NONACCREDITED ATTESTED as a WEEELABEX Operator. The additional “AT 05TR Summary Guidance for treatement and Preparing for Re-use Operators – NON-ACCREDITED ATTESTATION” can be found on the WEEELABEX website. Selected translations will follow soon.

Daniel Pícha
Auditor and Technical Expert for EU region
WEEELABEX organisation