WEEELABEX Organisation

Accreditation achieved!

WEEELABEX Organisation has achieved a very important milestone by obtaining a “certificate of accreditation”. The accreditation was confirmed by the Czech Accreditation Institute (CAI) which is a member of European co-operation for Accreditation association and of International Accreditation Forum (IAF), meaning the WEEELABEX accreditation is applicable throughout Europe and even worldwide. The scope of accreditation covers the certification of WEEELABEX auditors (as per the ISO 17024) and the certification of the WEEE treatment operators (as per ISO 17065) as well. This is really a unique accreditation combination within the WEEE certification business. The accreditation means that the entire certification process is fully compliant with the reputable international standards (ISO 17024 and ISO 17065) ensuring the high quality and recognition of the certificates issued by WEEELABEX Organisation. A very positive message for the certified treatment operators is the fact that the certificate issued by accredited WEEELABEX Organisation is recognized and accepted by the EPEAT organisation.  

Link to CAI website confirming the accreditation:

Certification of personnel in the field of processing of WEEE – http://www.cai.cz/en/Subjekt.aspx?ID=11322

Certification of WEEE treatment process – http://www.cai.cz/en/Subjekt.aspx?ID=11321

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To be the most recognized and respected WEEE center, qualify auditors & operators to ensure WEEE is treated in a safe way for a better future.


To develop and provide quality, service and tools to promote the utilization of excellent WEEE facilities on the market place.