Parties to WEEELABEX

WEEELABEX auditors:​ WEEELABEX CV is conducted by auditors who have successfully undergone WEEELABEX training. These auditors are listed as such, and provide proof of continued development notably through attendance at subsequent training sessions. They use WEEELABEX audit processes and reporting tools and provide fully documented and objective evidence that the audited processes can conform to all WEEELABEX requirements.

WEEELABEX operators: The treatment operators who have undergone successful WEEELABEX CV for the process or processes performed at their facility are referred to as ‘WEEELABEX operators’. Only those processes (and ‘WEEELABEX operators’), which have been confirmed as compliant to the CV procedures, will be acknowledged and listed on this website.

WEEELABEX organisation: ​The WEEELABEX organisation is a stand-alone legal entity, headquartered in Prague, that manages training of auditors, monitors auditing activities and approves (lists) ‘WEEELABEX operators’ and ‘WEEELABEX auditors’. It is an international non-profit organisation – or, under Czech law, ‘association of legal entities with international membership’ – of which the WEEELABEX systems (WEEE producer compliance schemes) are the members.

WEEELABEX systems: Founding Members of the WEEELABEX organisation are WEEE producer compliance schemes that joined the new organisation before 1 May 2013. To be eligible, the application to become Full Member must came from (individual or collective) WEEE producer compliance schemes located in the European Economic Area or Switzerland, that are contracted by producers to undertake producer obligations related to WEEE legislation. Founding Members can choose to pay in total €7.500 as entry fee for the whole five-year period 2013-17. Non-Founding Members that choose to join after 1 November 2013 will be
expected to pay €3.000 annually. Apart from these two tangible benefits, i.e. application for a position in the WGC and the
opportunity to pay €7.500, the other benefit is that Founding Members can profile themselves as the ‘fathers’ of the new organisation, the mission of which is to become a center of excellence in the area of auditors training.