Conformity Verification

WEEELABEX conformity verification (CV) is a procedure whereby processes are audited by trained ‘WEEELABEX auditors‘. These auditors use WEEELABEX audit process and reporting tools and provide fully documented and objective evidence that the audited processes conform to all WEEELABEX requirements.

The treatment operators who have undergone successful WEEELABEX CV for the process or processes performed at their facility are referred to as ‘WEEELABEX operators‘. Only those processes (and WEEELABEX operators), which have been confirmed as compliant to the CV procedures, will be acknowledged and listed on the WEEELABEX website.

The audit can be commissioned either by an operator or by a WEEELABEX system. The final listing of the operator as WEEELABEX operator will include this information, amongst other things. This listing will also mention the name of the WEEELABEX auditor who conducted the audit.

For more information on CV procedures, please click here.