Accreditation Process

WEEELABEX Organisation has applied for the Accreditation which consists of two Accreditation Schemes:

  1. Certification of Persons (Certification of the WEEELABEX Auditors, Lead Auditors, Specialist Auditors)
  2. Certification of Processes (Certification of WEEELABEX Treatment Operators)

Supportive documentation related to the Certification of  WEEE Treatment Operators: 

Supportive documentation related to the Certification of Persons: 

WEEELABEX Organisation as well as Certification Bodies are self-financed by its own activities and by memberships fee of the Collective Systems, any detailed information is available upon the individual stakeholders request.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Petr Novotny (Managing Director)
Monika Kucharewicz (Office Manager)
Anastassiya Taisumova (Office Assistant)

U Habrovky 11/247
14000 Praha 4
Czech Republic
Phone +420 (225) 852 802